API Testing – Keeping a Check on Agile Software Development

Originally Published on Software Testing Solution’s Blog

As predicted by Gartner, the demands for API testing and virtualization services are expected to rise exponentially because of the increasing intricacies in business logics and quickly changing IT environments. Independent software testing companies take a clue and explore this avenue.

With DevOps becoming the one thing, Quality Assurance too fuses into the merger of Development & Operations. Methodologies like API focusing on computer-to-computer interactions work in the direction of automating the testing processes of systems developed with a continuous integration approach like Agile Testing and Extreme Programming

API testing, a niche category in software testing, examines the application programming interfaces to check fulfilments of requirements related to core functions of the software. APIs are the interface to the core application logic and become very important aspect for testing. Since there is no graphical user interface, API testing needs to be conducted at the message layer.


API testing complements the quick release cycles and continual changes which are very typical of Agile Software Development and DevOps and targets various test types.

Types of API Testing


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API Testing – Keeping a Check on Agile Software Development


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